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You can purchase Mike's CDs a couple of ways. They are available at iTunes or alternatively you can use our contact form to request an order which will be mailed out to you.

Welcome to Mike Carroll Music

With over 25 years' experience in professional live performance, Mike Carroll's exquisite vocal talent will bring life and soul to your event Raised on a musical diet of early '70's soul, classic crooners and West Coast jazz-funk grooves, it's no surprise that Mike Carroll's milk-and-honey voice glides so silkily over the soaring melodies and funky rhythms of his self-penned songs of recent years.

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Three Sixty Degrees - out now!

Three Sixty DegreesMike Carroll's fantastic new album is now available. Three Sixty Degrees is 15 tracks of Mike's personal songs arranged for swing and piano.

From firm favourites such as 'Gravity', 'Love For Everyone', 'Three Sixty Degrees' and 'Moonlight Walking'.

Listen to a preview of Three Sixty Degrees here or head over to iTunes to get yourself a copy for only £7.99!


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