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Mike Carroll - The Biography

Singer, Songwriter

Raised on a musical diet of early '70's soul, classic crooners and West Coast jazz-funk grooves, it's no surprise that 50 something Mike Carroll's milk-and-honey voice glides so silkily over the soaring melodies and funky rhythms of his self-penned songs of recent years.

Early years

Born in 1959 in Islington, growing up in Bucks market-town Aylesbury, Mike assailed the local music scene when the charts buzzed with the likes of David Essex and Steve Harley, these popsters influencing his novice phase in popular beat-combo 'As It Is', who got to represent South East England at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool as part of The Boys Club All-England Talent Show in 1975.

Moving on

Moving on to more sophisticated writers like James Taylor and (of course) The Dan, Mike progressed into bigger and better local outfits such as Cruise, a jazz-funk ensemble who were to be recorded by in-dustry luminary Muff Winwood and supported David Essex on national tour in 1983. Early signs of commercial success were nipped in the bud by the fickle nature of the business, not that this has deterred Mike who has, in the past decade, focused more on writing, as well as singing.

Mike also Joined Cutting Edge Big band as Lead vocalist for 3 years 2011-2014 but is currently putting that gig on Hold.


His most recent recordings include ‘Escape from the Rooftops’, a collection of melodic smooth grooves finding favour with a more mature audience who collectively wonder why he's not recognised as a major talent and duly rewarded with commercial success. Impeccably produced by his old musical cohort and now session bass-player and freelance producer Ed Poole, the album features his best work to date, not least the hauntingly brilliant 'Ain't the same thing' and irresistibly funky 'What's going on’.

Gravity and Invasion all available on iTunes

The future

Music, in particular song-writing – in a style that won't surrender melo-dy to beat – is still Mike's passion and is reflected in his work.

The Songwriter

Mike Carroll started writing melodic songs over 15 year's ago, first for the band Spike, then on to Hit House, a production Company created by Mike, Steve Hillier and Tony Hay. The idea was to produce a catalogue of pop song's preformed by various artists for publishing. All tracks were recorded and Produced by Ed Poole.

Mike (a vocalist in his own right) then decided to use the songs for his first Solo Album Escape from the Rooftops, followed by Gravity. Next came Invasion 2011 followed by his recent collection self penned tracks Simply called Songs

More recently Mike has self penned and recorded 3 new tracks with Ed Poole; 67 Mustang (featuring Snake Davis on horns and Sax solo), and I just want to see you again.A song written for Rely for life Charity event.

Mike's Songwriting and recording are on an on-going adventure.

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